Spirit World Productions

A profile of the Israeli "Spirit World Productions" company, located in Tel Aviv

Discovering the world we live in has been part of the Israelis favorite pastime during the past two decades.  We have gone from isolation to being world travelers enjoying the freedom to move about the world: Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa

This "global village" we live in slowly turned to be a nurturing ground for us to express our curiosity and adventurous nature.

SPIRIT WORLD PRODUCTIONS was formed by Tali Yativ as a company specifically targeting the market of the people who wish to do more than just tour the world.

We will show you "our world" our way, no matter how far we have to go, exotic or urban.

We will go to the edge of the world in a way that will leave a lasting impression never to be forgotten.


The Spirit takes you higher than ever before with an added value to your travel, "tailor made" for you, the one who has seen it all as well as the first time traveler.

If you have a dream we can make it come true. Drive a race car on a professional track, rafting white water rivers , climb the highest mountains, lay on the best beaches, enjoy the hike along natures trails, dine in the best restaurants, sail the seas, hunt in the African jungle and much more.

If culture and architecture is your choice we have unforgettable cities of the past intertwined with the sky scrapers of the future all in a weave of in depth tours lead by the most professional guides aimed to enrich and enlighten your spirit.

Forget the conventional organized tours and present your friends, colleagues, and peers with the ultimate adventure of their life.

"Tailor made" private tours and incentive based tours is our specialty with individual attention to suit everyone's taste and likings.

Bring us your dreams and aspirations and we will make them a reality.


Let us take you on a journey of a lifetime to your heart's desired destinations.
Call "Sprit World Productions" by phone: +972-73-3215622 or take a look at our company's profile presentation.